Warranty Information

WarrantyLogoNewgrowth Fine Homes is a member of National Home Warranty program. Every home we build is covered. The following website outlines the program and has guidelines to help determine which deficiencies will be covered by the warranty.

In February 2014 the Alberta Government introduced new rules. Here is a brief summary from http://homewarranty.alberta.ca



We have worked with Newgrowth Fine Homes many times over the past decade and we are always very pleased with the results. In 2014, we were selected as semi-finalists in Western Living’s Designer of the Year competition. One of the projects we submitted for consideration was a Newgrowth built home, which speaks to their exceptional product. Overall, they are talented and easy to work with. From the management, to the administration, to their skilled group of expert craftspeople, every home we have completed with Newgrowth has been a true realization of our design vision.

Kim Searle

Business Projects Manager, DeJong Design Associates Ltd.

Canadian Home Builders Association - Calgary
Canadian Home Builders Association - Alberta
National Home Warranty